Live Recording

Nothing conveys the full energy and feeling of an artist’s work like live performance.

Melville Park Studio will record your live performance direct to digital multi-track, bypassing the house board so that the recording can be mixed in the studio. This is the same way major label
live albums are recorded.

  • Up to 24 tracks.
  • Mixing can be done anywhere you want. No obligation to use Melville Park.
  • A rough mix CD is included so you can conveniently evaluate the performance.
  • The recording can be synced to video, far superior to “off the camera” sound.

The cost is $50/hour, and includes travel, setup, sound check, packup, and recording time. There is no charge for intermissions, other artist’s sets, or other “down” time.

Melville Park also regularly records open mikes. For just $15, performers can get a studio mixed CD of their set. It’s a great way to get songs for demos, copyright, or self-evaluation. Some performers have even released full-length albums entirely from open mikes!

Melville Park records open mikes at  Club Passim  in Cambridge and at the Roslindale Open Mike in Roslindale Square.