What’s New

Got any LPs, reel-to-reel tapes, DATs, Minidiscs or cassettes you’d like to put on CD, hard drive or flash drive?
Call 617-361-6107, or email me at melpk@tiac.net


These early albums are still available from Melville Park. Price is $15 + $2 P&H:

Vance Gilbert: “Face to Face” (1991). Originally cassette only, but digitally mastered, and available on CDs made from the master.

Kerri Powers: “Sleepwalking Again” (1995). Kerri’s first album.

Thomas Keene: “Searching for Ward and June” (1992). His first and only album.


Recently released are albums by George Attisano classical guitarist and John Spinks singer/songwriter.

In progress are albums by Chris & Meredith Thompson, and by Lisa Pontoppidan.

Melville Park Studio recently digitized part of the tape collection of the Folk Song Society Of Greater Boston; concerts and workshops going back to the 1970s. Also part of Kate Seeger’s collection from the ’60s & ’70s.